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Since I finally have the site up and running smoothly, I thought I’d take a moment to explain the Pacifist Games logo.  Back when I started thinking about creating Pacifist Games, in early January, I knew I’d need some kind of logo to represent it.  After a little bit of pondering I came up with a list of the three most important features such a logo would have:
1. It would be easily recognizable, at any scale.
2. It would be a simple and colorful vector drawing.
3. It would represent the name and mission of Pacifist Games in a unique way

The first two features are pretty trivial, but the third is where I started to have problems.  How can I represent the name and mission of Pacifist Games in a unique way?  I began by looking at common symbols for pacifism.  The symbol most commonly used to represent pacifism is the peace sign, but to me, the peace sign doesn’t mean much.  How do three lines and a circle represent peace?  I decided that I would begin to look for better representations of the pacifist ideal, and, if I did end up incorporating a peace sign into the logo, it would be in a subtle way.

After some more thought, I decided that a tree is a much more suitable symbol for pacifism.  A tree never consciously causes harm to other living things (as far as we know) and has only beneficial effects on the health of the Earth as a whole.  From this conclusion I decided that the Pacifist Games logo would have to prominently feature a tree of some kind.

Combining these two ideas, and keeping in mind the three main features that the logo had to incorporate, I designed a few prototype logos before settling on the current one shown at the top of this page.  Now, you may be wondering, how does it incorporate a peace sign?  Well, folding the logo in half, as shown below, reveals its true nature:

One thought on “On Logo Design

  1. I LOVE YOU! And the way your brain works amazes me.Love the logo,both ways

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