Hi, and welcome to!
I’m Kyle, and this is my personal website!
Here’s a little dialog to introduce you to the site:

What can I expect from Pacifist Games?
If you have a look at the mission statement on the About page:
“Pacifist Games’ mission is to create interesting, thoughtfully designed, and primarily nonviolent video games that treat players ethically.”

What does that even mean?
The Pacifist Games mission statement can be broken into 4 main ideals:
• Interesting – Games that are interesting arouse the players’ curiosity and hold their attention, one might also call them “captivating”.
• Thoughtfully designed – Game design in which all parts of the design have been thoroughly considered.
• Primarily nonviolent – Don’t expect to find the next big war-themed first person shooter on this site.  All games released by Pacifist Games will be suitable for general audiences.  In-game violence will be used sparingly, and only where it is absolutely necessary to achieve a certain effect.
• Ethical treatment of players – All games under the Pacifist Games label will respect the
players’ time, money, and mental health.  Games should be enjoyable, with no adverse
effects on their players’ lives.  Basically, I won’t be making Farmville or World of

So what can I expect from this blog?
The Pacifist Games blog is where I’ll be posting information about the current progress of my games and game ideas as well as talking/ranting about game design and development.  Follow Pacifist Games on facebook or twitter to be notified of new blog posts.

Cool, where can I play some games?
All games will be posted on the blog and added to the Games page as they’re completed.  At the moment the selection is pretty sparse, but I hope to change that soon.  I participated in the Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition last weekend.  If you want to try the game I created for that, go here.  Expect a blog post about its design soon

Thanks for checking out my site!
If you have any additional questions, ask them in the comments!

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  1. This seems like it will be very cool!! :D I hope you come up with awesome ideas and awesome games. FROM YOUR COUSIN

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